The only book that changes your life is the one you write.

When I heard those words, I knew that that was a sentence I will remember forever.

Being an avid reader, I’ve read many books. But nothing really changes you like the first book that you write. It’s almost like that first person you fell in love with. Everything changes with your first book.

And today marks the first anniversary of my book launch.

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On this exact date last year, I released my book. I celebrated the launch of the book. It was a huge success, and I loved every minute of it. I was scared, nervous, excited, all at once last year.

The Book Launch marked the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

Today, I want to share with you 8 reasons why you too should write a book, and how it will completely change your life forever, based purely on my personal experiences.


Once you become an Author, you automatically gain Authority. You are known as a Thought Leader based on the fact that you put together a book, that solves specific problems for your Target Audience. When I wrote Empowering Millennials, I wrote it based on the Millennials, and the issues they face in their lives.

The book identified the various issues the Millennials faced along the way and put together specific solutions for them. The tips, tools, tales and techniques shared within the book intrigues the intended reader and helps them with the problems they face.

Post the book launch, I was invited to speak on Channel NewsAsia about the Millennials. As an Author, they felt that I could share some insights based on the research and data I had while writing my book. If I didn’t have a book, I doubt I would have gotten that opportunity. The book was crucial in being selected for that interview.

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And it didn’t stop there. I was interviewed on 96.8FM after that and interviewed on multiple online blogs as well. All of this helped to profile me. It also helped Google because I was featured on multiple online sites. So today, when you Google my name, Vivek Iyyani, you get to see the who I am and the work I do.

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Then I got the opportunity to be profiled for the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) through Little Red Ants Creative Agency. First, they interviewed me multiple times as we met last year. Then they came up with a script (!) and checked in with me if it was an accurate representation of my life. After that, they told me to block out 3 days to complete the shoot. It involved intense shooting at home, at my office, at the publishing house where I printed my books over a span of three days. Currently, the footage is going through post-production and will be out sometime this year (probably near National Day I think)

And guess how they found me? Through an interview I gave at the Asian Entrepreneur, where they found my interview and profile.


After I became known as an Author, I was presented with opportunities to speak at multiple events. I had the chance to give keynotes and share my journey, my message to different audiences.

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The more events you speak at, the bigger your reach to share your thought leadership. From these opportunities, inevitably, you will get to network with high-quality individuals and form partnerships and seal deals that are mutually beneficial. You also get invited to many closed-door events to network with really cool people.


When you network, you get to introduce yourself as an Author.

Trust me, the reactions on the faces of the people who are listening to you will change when you introduce yourself as an Author. They show surprise, and admiration when you announce you are an author. They want to know what is your book all about and they start asking you questions about your book.

You don’t have to worry about awkward silences anymore or search for topics to talk about

They ask you,

What inspired you to write your book?

What did you do to write your book?

How long did it take you to write your book?

What challenges did you face while writing your book?

Where can I get a copy of your book?

Authors stand out in a networking crowd because not everyone can write a book. Even if most of us have the intentions to write a book, there are plenty of mental barriers that prevent them from becoming an Author.

Authors are respected because they took up a huge project and completed it. They put it a lot of hard work, sweat and tears to overcome their own demons and get it done. Most people feel they are not qualified to write a book and do not see the value that they are standing on.

The best part about being an Author is that your book is your name card on Steroids. After you collect name cards of the people at the networking events, you can mail out your book as a gift to their office address and surprise them.

Trust me, they’ll remember you for it.


Yes, this happens. I have had strangers come up to me excitedly and tell me how much they admire me.

All this while they are excited in front of me, I’ve caught myself thinking where I might have met this person before! And then they tell me that they read my book and how it inspired them, and that’s how they recognised me. Sometimes they come across it via the bookstore, or it was recommended by a friend, or someone gifted it to them.

That’s the power of a book. You don’t have to be around for people to know about you and your thought leadership.


With a strong profile, you get inbound enquiries. People hear about you, or your book and they look you up on…you guessed it… Google! So when they check you out on Google, they get to learn about you and the work you do. If they see good things, then you get an enquiry on how you can help your target audience with the problems they face.

So together with Push Marketing, you get to use Pull Marketing strategies as well to attract opportunities to you. This works even as an employee. You will get invited to multiple events to talk about your area of expertise. It works even better if you’re an Entrepreneur. Your target audience will trust you, even more, when they see that you’re a published author. They can purchase your book and understand how you solve problems in your field of expertise. They understand what you’re all about and it makes the sales cycle much shorter for you.


When you have books on your website, on Amazon, on Carousell, on bookstores like Kinokuniya, Times, Popular etc, you get royalties. Every book you sell online or on the shelf brings you royalties. It may not be much if you cash out every month, but every six months, it becomes a considerable figure.

The amount you collect from your proceeds can be reinvested into printing more books to increase your outreach. The more people know about you, the better opportunities it will attract to you.


Your book has a market value. It can range from $10 as an eBook to $20-$50 as a hard copy book. Now when you get invited to different parties or events, you always can add your book on top of the primary gift. For example, if you’re visiting a friend’s birthday party, you can gift them your book together with other prizes. Even your friends will start buying books from you so that they can use it as a gift to others. I’ve had many friends buy bundles of books for to give their students who are graduating as a parting gift, and it has also inspired me to gift people with my book. It definitely increases your credibility when you add a book bundled with other prizes.


That brings me to the next point. With books, you get to be a sponsor for multiple events that your target audience is involved in. For example, if there is a career fair and your book is targeted for the youths, the organisers will be so excited to learn from you that you’re interested to sponsor some of your books for their participants.

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It will put you in their good books (pun intended) and they see you as a person who is value adding in multiple ways. It may even help you win favours for their events, such as being invited to their future events such as closed networking events with VIP guests.


Having a book says many things about you.

  1. You are committed. It says that you can be trusted get things done. Way too many people want to write a book but head offtrack as they procrastinate or lose focus.
  2. You are confident. You have a message to share with the world that you can articulate it clearly and confidently.
  3. You are capable. You know the importance of not just writing the book, but also marketing the book because you have been through the process of being an author before.

There you have it. 9 reasons to write a book. Points 1-8 that I’ve written above, I’ve experienced it in 1 year of writing the book, and point 9 on my 3rd year. I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons to write a book. Do you have any other reasons? I’d love to hear them.

Let me know in the comments below.

About the Author Vivek Iyyani
Vivek Iyyani is the Founder of Millennial Minds, a content marketing agency that is specialised in marketing to Millennials & Gen Zs. He is the author of Engaging Millennials (Singapore Book Awards Best Professional Title Top 5 Nominee 2022), The Millennial Leader (Winner of Singapore Book Awards Best Professional Title 2023) and Marketing to Millennials. He has been invited to share on top news channels such as CNBC, Channel NewsAsia, Straits Times, MoneyFM, Vasantham and Tamil Murasu on the topic of Millennials & Multi-generational Workforce.
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