LinkedIn: Why it is the Best Social Media Platform for Business Owners

I find LinkedIn to be the best among social media platforms for a variety of reasons. LinkedIn is a valuable platform for professionals to stay up-to-date on industry news and the latest trends. Here are a few reasons that make LinkedIn different from the other social media sites.

The platform for professional networking

LinkedIn was created for the sole purpose of business networking. It was created to help professionals join the LinkedIn network and connect with one another. In a world where your network determines your networth, building a professional network becomes a lot easier with LinkedIn. As an entrepreneur, this means you can find and connect with professionals whom you want to add to your network. For example, if you wanted to connect with the CTOs in the tech industry in Singapore, LinkedIn allows you to find them through it’s comprehensive search function. It allows you to filter by geography, industry, the influencer they follow, the headcount of the company, and even how frequently they use LinkedIn. None of the other platforms allows you to zone in on a specific role as easily as LinkedIn in the professional world.

LinkedIn's Profile Section: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Out of all the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Threads, X (previously Twitter), YouTube, etc, LinkedIn stands out with its profile features. Unlike a personal profile, a LinkedIn company page is a professional page created for a business, allowing different users in a company to manage and broadcast the company's updates to increase its visibility. Setting up and optimizing a LinkedIn page is essential to promote your business professionally and complement your individual profile. A compelling headline is crucial for making your profile stand out. Including a wide range of job titles can significantly increase your visibility. Additionally, having a professional profile photo with a simple headshot on a neutral background is essential to present a professional image to potential recruiters and employers. It not only allows you to showcase your profile picture and banner, it gives you space for headlines, your about section, your experiences, your project case studies, recommendations and even your website link. Heck, it even functions as a landing page where you can feature your best work. It’s almost as good as a professional website for many. Over the years, LinkedIn has been adding better features to its platform to enhance the user experience for all business professionals. When you put in the effort to fill out your LinkedIn profile, it will stand out on its own.

LinkedIn Feed: Post in a Variety of Formats

TikTok is all about video. Instagram allows for pictures and videos only. Facebook allows for text, picture, videos, and carousels. LinkedIn allows for video, picture, text, carousel, and even documents to be uploaded as a post. On top of that, it even lets you host your own articles on your profile. It allows you to customize your content formats based on your strategy. So if you were to do a video podcast, you could repurpose it into a text, picture+text, PDF document, and even as a carousell. The variety in which you can put out your content gives you a longer runway to create and build your personal brand. When you post in a variety of formats, it enables you to get the attention of industry influencers as well as potential clients. This helps you position yourself as a thought leader and engage LinkedIn users effectively, making it a valuable tool for professionals.

LinkedIn helps you rank on Google

Google ranks LinkedIn favourably because it is a high-authority website with extensive, regularly updated content. LinkedIn is a crucial platform for digital marketing, especially for B2B marketers looking to promote their business and marketing efforts. LinkedIn profiles and posts often rank well in search engine results due to the platform’s strong domain authority and the public nature of its profiles, which allows them to be indexed by search engines. Users can optimize their profiles with relevant keywords in their headlines, summaries, and job descriptions, enhancing searchability. Customizing the LinkedIn URL with a middle initial can make the profile easier to find, especially if the full first and last name is already taken. Additionally, publishing articles and sharing updates on LinkedIn can extend reach and create backlinks, which are beneficial for SEO. A complete LinkedIn profile, featuring detailed information about skills, experience, and education, as well as custom URLs, further boosts search visibility. Regular engagement on the platform, such as posting content and interacting with others, keeps profiles active and positively impacts search engine rankings. The presence of recommendations and endorsements also adds social proof, enhancing credibility and ranking potential. And of course, ranking higher on Google only serves to enhance your professional brand.

LinkedIn allows you to see who viewed your profile

LinkedIn allows you to see who viewed your profile for several strategic reasons that enhance user engagement and networking opportunities. This feature helps identify individuals or organizations interested in your background or expertise, providing a chance to connect with viewers and expand your professional network. It also offers valuable insights into the effectiveness of your profile and content, prompting refinements to attract your target audience better. For sales professionals, it aids in lead generation by identifying potential prospects, while job seekers and recruiters can gauge interest from employers or candidates, facilitating timely follow-ups. Additionally, this feature enhances the user experience by offering feedback on profile activity and serves as an incentive for users to upgrade to premium accounts, which provide more detailed insights. Overall, knowing who viewed your profile supports building and maintaining professional relationships, optimizing profiles, and leveraging networking, sales, and recruitment opportunities more effectively.

Investment or Expense?

On most social media channels, you are spending your time. You end up in the doomscroll, going from one reel to another or from one post to another. Because social media is our escape from the stresses of our daily life. Whether it is Facaebook, Instagram, Tiktok or Threads, you're scrolling for entertainment. But on LinkedIn, you're investing your time. You are there for a specific reason. It could be to connect with certain people. Or to find a profile that you want to learn more about. Even possibly to learn something from creators you follow. Either way, being active on LinkedIn is like investing in your future. The opportunities it brings you are endless, so hurry along and get started on LinkedIn!

About the Author Vivek Iyyani
Vivek Iyyani is the Founder of Millennial Minds, a content marketing agency that is specialised in marketing to Millennials & Gen Zs. He is the author of Engaging Millennials (Singapore Book Awards Best Professional Title Top 5 Nominee 2022), The Millennial Leader (Winner of Singapore Book Awards Best Professional Title 2023) and Marketing to Millennials. He has been invited to share on top news channels such as CNBC, Channel NewsAsia, Straits Times, MoneyFM, Vasantham and Tamil Murasu on the topic of Millennials & Multi-generational Workforce.
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